Divorce FAQ

Those struggling with the decision to divorce face many questions. Divorce law is complex and there are many things to consider when dissolving a marriage. There are children to consider, finances to worry about and uncertainty about everything. Here are some typical questions and answers that people ask about divorce.

Question: How long must I reside in state to file for divorce?

Answer: Colorado law requires that at least one of the parties be domiciled in the state for 91 days before filing for dissolution of the marriage. Wyoming law requires 60 days.

Question: How long does a divorce proceeding take?

Answer: The proceedings vary in length depending upon the issues that have to be sorted out. There is a minimum waiting period of 91 days after both parties have entered the case before the court enters an order dissolving the marriage.

Question: Can I change my name back to my maiden name as part of the divorce proceedings?

Answer: Yes.

Question: Are parenting classes required in divorce with children?

Answer: Yes. In Larimer County, in a divorce with minor children, the father and mother must take a parenting class within 6 weeks after service of the petition or filing of a co-petition.

Question: Can I take my children out of state after I file for divorce?

Answer: When a divorce petition is filed, the parents are prohibited from taking the children out of the state unless the other parent consents or there is a court order that allows that to happen.

Question: Can the high income spouse be required to pay alimony to the low income spouse?

Answer: Yes.

Question: Can a husband and wife use the same attorney if they are working together on the divorce?

Answer: That has been done before. However, because each party should be fully advised on their rights, it is always better for each party to be represented by their own attorney.

Question: How much does a divorce cost?

Answer: It varies. A divorce where the couple are cooperating or one without children is cheaper. Divorces with minor children are more expensive and so are divorces with significant assets at stake. On the low end, divorces can be a few thousand. Contested divorces can reach anywhere from $15k to $30k. A high value divorce can be even more.

Question: Is mediation required?

Answer: It can be required. It depends upon the situation.

Question: How do I get started?

Answer: The first step is to contact Harmony Law to discuss your situation. You can contact Harmony Law through our website. You may also contact Harmony Law by telephone at 970-488-1857.

For more about child custody, please see our child custody page.

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